The Art Room Cincinnati is looking for artists to feature at upcoming Sunday Art Exhibitions.

Payment for pieces sold online & during the art exhibition will go through The Art Room Cincinnati. The artist will receive 70% of sales. 30% will go to The Art Room Cincinnati for hosting. There are no additional fees to be featured online or in-studio, and all Art Exhibitions are free to attend. (Artists under 18 years old will receive 80% of sales.)

Artists of any age, background & medium. If you are a painter, sculptor, photographer or any other type of artist interested in showcasing your 2-D or 3-D work email some examples of your pieces to

The Art Room Cincinnati has easels available for you to display your paintings or photography. We also have tables and desks for sculptures or other 3-D pieces. If you would like your work to also be sold on our website, along with your photos, please include a name & price for each piece.

When The Art Room Cincinnati hosts an Art Exhibition we will promote the event and expect you to do the same so it can be as successful as possible. While we do advertise the event on our website & social media, we depend on the artist to spread the word to bring people in.