The Art Room Cincinnati

Vision: To create a community space that is inclusive & appropriate for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Most child spaces are too loud and rambunctious for adults to enjoy themselves and most adult places are not kid friendly. The Art Room is an equally welcoming environment for kids and adults to create and interact. We have to have spaces for children and adults to co-exist to have a thriving society. Children will be adults one day. We must have places that allow young people to feel safe & free to create, to try new things, to make mistakes, to discover new things about themselves, to meet all kinds of people so that they can grow into emotionally intelligent adults who care about their neighbors & who want to help create a supportive community.

What else makes The Art Room special?

Community! What a great way to get to know your neighbors, community members & local talent. Parallel play isn't just for kids! It's hard for adults to make new friends, The Art Room is here to help. Connect with people who share your interests or teach someone something new. Meet folks in The Art Room Makerspace, through workshops & special events or while working with an artist/client to customize a piece. The Art Room wants to make connections. Help us connect you to a local artist, crafter and hobbyist so they can create something just for you. If you're interested , please message us with all the details. We'll post your listing on the Virtual Bulletin Board and the bulletin board inside the studio. Local talent, if you see a listing you're interested in, reach out so we can put you in contact with the client. If you want to share your talent with the community through a workshop or demonstration please email us at

The Art Room is here to make connections to create a stronger community! 

Why The Art Room Cincinnati?

I researched, shopped & purchased the materials needed to create SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO! Not everyone has the space, the money or the time to research, shop & buy everything for a project or their new special interest. There are also situations where you put a lot of money, time & effort into an interest, only to realize, it’s not as easy, fun, or as fulfilling as you thought it would be. Other times you might buy a pricey machine and only use it once or twice before it’s stuck on a shelf to gather dust. Sometimes we all struggle to find the motivation or creative energy to start, or finish a project on our own. Some of us may be distracted by things going on at home. And others may not have the space for all the materials.

The Art Room is your answer! The Art Room Cincinnati is a unique inclusive makerspace for adults, teenagers & children to come together to create. You can stay as long as you want & create as much as you'd like! Whatever your craft is, from sketching to painting, sewing & sculpting The Art Room Makerspace provides the space and/or supplies you need to create unique works of art, as well as personalized items for causes, parties & more. The price of admission gives you access to all of the Makerspace materials including craft machines.